What is Family Ministry Milestones?

The Family Ministry Milestones is “A Path for Intentional Spiritual Parenting”.  It is made up of 6 different Milestones beginning with the Birth of a Baby and ending with High School Graduation. Along the path, parents are encouraged with helpful resources, Parent Seminars, and celebrations.  This is Calvary’s plan to assist parents in raising mature worshippers of God.

How do I know where my child belongs on the path?

Most of the Milestones are age/stage specific. There is a brief description of each Milestone below. Feel free to browse these to see what Milestone you should be working on at home. Of course if you need any help at all feel free to contact Pastor Ryan O’Neal (

Is there a brief description of each Milestone?

Here are links to each Milestone. Be sure to check back often to see an updated list of resources for parents and children.

Milestone 1: The Birth of a Baby

Milestone 2: Faith Commitment

Milestone 3: Preparing for Adolescence

Milestone 4: Commitment to Purity

Milestone 5: Passage to Adulthood

Milestone 6: High School Graduation

Are there resources I could use for each Milestone?

Please see the links below for resources for each Milestone.

Milestone 1 Resources

Milestone 2 Resources

Milestone 3 Resources

Milestone 4 Resources

Milestone 5 Resources

Milestone 6 Resources


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