Wednesday Night Bible Study

What Jesus Demands from the World by John Piper

“What Jesus Demands from the World” begins Wednesday, October 12 at 6:00pm. Linda Basham will lead this 6 week study.

A thoughtful examination of Jesus’ demands reveals a compelling yet personal portrait of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. The four Gospels are filled with demands like “be born again,” “love your God,” and “lay up treasures.” Far from harsh demands originating from a selfish desire to control, Jesus’ words are more a clarion call of urgency-loving directions for our good and ultimate satisfaction. In fact, what Jesus demands from the world can be summed up as, “Trust and treasure me above all.” This is good news!

Do you wonder what’s next? Has your faith grown stagnant? Is your spiritual walk in a dry season? Are you interested in knowing Jesus more deeply? This study serves as an accessible introduction for thoughtful inquirers and new believers, as well as a refreshing reminder for more mature believers of God’s plan for His Son’s glory and our good.

Sign up in the main hallway.

Tuesday Night Bible Study

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

“None Like Him” begins Tuesday, August 16 and meets every other Tuesday. Sue Smith will lead this study at her home from 7:00-8:30pm. Books are available for $10 in the Resource Center.

In this study, we’ll discover 10 ways God is different from us – and why that’s a good thing. The author highlights the joy of seeing our limited selves in relation to a limitless God, and how such a realization frees us from striving to be more than we were created to be.