College Ministry

Our vision at Calvary is Connecting People to Jesus and His Church.  This includes college students!  Thank you for visiting our website.  If you have any questions about the ministries of Calvary please contact us at 731.668.8619.  We hope that you will join us in worship soon.

Wednesday Night Bible Study, “Recharge”:

“Recharge,” our Wednesday night college Bible study, offers students an opportunity to gather together for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.  College students are busy! Because of this we know that in order to grow closer to Christ there must be opportunities to escape from the busyness of life and gather together with other believers.  We meet each week in the College Ministry Room from 6:00-7:00pm.  We hope you will join us soon! For more information about our Wednesday Night Bible Study please contact Pastor Gary Snuffin at 731.668.8619.

Sunday School Class:

One of the best ways to connect with our college ministry is to attend our College Sunday School Class.  The class meets each Sunday morning at 9:00am and consists of Bible study, fellowship, and a free breakfast. Our Sunday morning environment offers students the opportunity to be a part of a safe place to grow in their faith.  Brad and Kristen Ferrell are the teachers for the class.  They bring a special sense of excitement to our college ministry.  Be sure to check us out Sundays at 9:00! For more information about the College Sunday School class please contact Brad Ferrell at 731.499.4223.

Other Activities:

We do a wide variety of things outside of our Wednesday Night Service and Sunday School.  These activities include camping trips, spaghetti dinners, volleyball matches, trips to Lambert’s, and a whole lot more.  These are designed and planned in order to give us additional opportunities to connect with those around us. For more information about our college activities contact the church office at 731.668.8619.

Watchcare Membership:

The Watchcare Ministry at Calvary is for individuals who are members of another church and yet desire to be connected with the Calvary Family while living in our community.  Watchcare allows others to identify with our church by participating in corporate worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and service at Calvary without transferring membership from his/her home church. When a student joins Calvary by watchcare, he/she becomes adopted by one of our families.  A family who serves as a watchcare family is a source of support while the student is away from home and provides care, encouragement, and love.   The students have in turn blessed these families by becoming part of the family. If you are interested in joining Calvary through our Watchcare program, please contact Pastor Grant Gaines at 731.668.8619.

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Jesus Is a Friend to Sinners. Are You?

The sermon for this Sunday (March 4) is on Matthew 9:9-13, and is entitled “Jesus Is a Friend to Sinners.”  In this passage, Jesus calls Matthew, a tax collector, to follow him, and Jesus eats a meal with “tax collectors and sinners.”  Jesus loved sinners.  The Pharisees didn’t, and the Pharisees among us still don’t.  Here is a quote from Craig Blomberg on Jesus’ love for sinners and how we should love in the same way:

Jesus’ fraternizing with disreputable people remains a scandal in the predominately middle class, suburban, Western church.  Many of us, like the Pharisees, at best ignore the outcasts of our society and at worst continue to discriminate against them.  We do well to consider substantially increasing our spiritual, evangelistic, and social outreach to minorities, the homeless, prostitutes, addicts and pushers, gays and lesbians, AIDS victims, and the like, as well as to the more hidden outcasts such as divorcees, single parents, the elderly, white-collar alcoholics, and so on.  We must get to know them as intimately as Jesus did—only close and trusted friends shared table fellowship over meals.  We dare not join with sinners in their sinning, but we may well have to go places with them and encounter the world’s wickedness in ways that contemporary Pharisees in our churches will decry. (See Craig Blomberg’s commentary on Matthew, pg. 157.)

Loving sinners like Jesus did (i.e., by befriending them) will always make legalistic religious folks angry, but that’s no reason to avoid doing it.  Jesus is a friend to sinners.  Are you?