Whenever I counsel with someone who is joining our church, I always share with them something I call “The Three C’s of Church Involvement.” The three C’s are: celebrate, connect, and contribute. By “celebrate” we mean to encourage people to be involved weekly in corporate worship. By “connect” we mean to encourage people to be intentional about developing deep and meaningful relationships with fellow church members. And by “contribute” we mean to encourage people to give back to the overall group through both giving and serving. All three of these “C’s” are absolutely essential for any believer who wants to position themselves to grow in their faith. In the next few newsletters, I’m going to unpack each of these “C’s” in a little bit more detail, but in this first installment, let me ask you: How are you doing on the three “C’s”? Are you celebrating (corporate worship)? Are you connecting (meaningful relationships)? Are you contributing (giving and serving)? A well-balanced involvement in all three will lead to our spiritual growth.

Pastor Grant

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