Give Today to the Forward Campaign

In 2005, Calvary Baptist Church borrowed 2.7 million dollars to expand our campus and renovate portions of our original building. Many have given above and beyond their usual tithes to help pay down this loan. In fact, over the past 18 months we have made tremendous progress in paying down the loan.  Through the faithful giving of numerous individuals the loan balance currently sits at $767,000.  If you have given, thank you!

While we are excited to see the loan balance continue to shrink, your pastors have been praying for months about the possibility of retiring the debt much sooner than expected. The bottom line is this: In our current church budget, we spend $13,000 on the building loan each month. That’s a total of $156,000 a year.  We, like many of you have for years now, began to ask ourselves questions pertaining to these numbers. What could God do through us if we weren’t spending $156,000 a year paying off debt? What if we could redirect a meaningful portion of those payments toward ministry and mission? What if we could use that money to connect more people to Christ, to Tell the World, and to Teach the Word?  What could happen if we were debt free?

After much prayer, we believe that now is the time to act. Now is the time to get rid of this debt once and for all.  So please allow me to reintroduce you to our Forward Campaign.

The Forward Campaign is a plan to have the debt paid off and be completely debt free in 36 months. In order for that to happen, we need 200 pledges of $50/month.

Forward in Freedom

The scriptures clearly teach us that the borrower is slave to the lender (Prov. 22:7). We know this to be true. We are seeking to be debt free, free from the shackles of debt, free to use our money in other ways. We’ve been slaves to this debt since 2005 and we don’t want to be slaves any longer. 

Forward in Mission

We are called to participate wholeheartedly in the Great Commission (Matt. 28-18-20). We have been instructed to be Christ’s witnesses in Jackson, our nation, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). We want to leverage everything that God has blessed us with to accomplish this task (2 Cor. 9:11). What opportunities await us when we are able to significantly increase the number of dollars used every year for accomplishing this mission!

Forward in Fellowship

We know we are blessed to be a part of this church family we call Calvary.  We’ve been blessed with an incredible multi-generational congregation and a wonderful facility. We must continue to be good stewards of the campus God has given us by making appropriate updates, renovations, and repairs. We want to be prepared for the additional people God continues to bring into our fellowship (Matt. 5:14).

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