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For Women

Wednesday Night Discipleship Elective

The Gospel Project, Longing for the King, will be taught by Linda Basham. This study will help you understand the implications and significance of redemption. God has been King over His kingdom forever, ruling in praiseworthy majesty. Yet all the while, His creatures have rebelled—leaving destruction, chaos, and judgment in their wake. It’s never been clearer that we need the King once again. And in the loving providence of God, He gives us a glimpse of the coming King—King Jesus!

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This six week elective begins February 4 at 6:00 pm

Friday Study

The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury uniquely brings Jesus’ family alive through Scripture and storytelling. Explore the lives of Joseph, Zechariah, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, James, and Mary. This study will be taught by Amy Mays.

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This study begins February 23 at noon

 Night Out Study

  • Every other Tuesday night at 7:00-8:30, beginning February 3
  • Meets at Sue Smith’s home
  • Book: Kay Arthur, Loving God and Others: The Heart of True Faith
  • Leader: Sue Smith

2015 Women’s Events

  • The 2015 Calvary Women’s Conference — March 11

Our women’s ministry includes women’s Bible studies, conferences, and other events throughout the year.  Call the church office at 668-8619 for more information or email the church secretary at


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