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Who Is Jesus? A Study in the Gospel of Matthew

Who is Jesus?  There is no more important question than that.  In this series we turn to the Gospel of Matthew to find some answers.

1. “Jesus Is the Promised One,” Matthew 1:1-17 (2.5.12) Download mp3 

2. “Jesus Is the Anointed One,” Matthew 3:13-4:11 (2.12.12) Download mp3  

3. “Jesus Denounces Religious Hypocrites,” Matthew 6:1-18 (2.19.12) Download mp3 

4. “Jesus Calls for a Decision,” Matthew 7:13-27 (2.26.12) Download mp3  

5. “Jesus Is Demanding,” Matthew 10:34-39 (3.11.12) Download mp3 

6. “Jesus Announces a Kingdom,” Matthew 13:24-33 (3.18.12) Download mp3  

7. “Jesus Cares,” Matthew 14:13-21 (3.25.12)  Download mp3 

8. “Jesus Died for Sinners,” Matthew 27:15-50 Download mp3 

9. “Jesus Is Alive!” Matthew 27:57-28:20 Download mp3 

10. “Jesus Builds His Church,” Matthew 16:13-20 Download mp3 

11. “Jesus Expects Sin to Be Confronted,” Matthew 18:15-20 Download mp3 

12. “Jesus Expects Sin to Be Forgiven,” Matthew 18:21-35 Download mp3 

13. “Jesus Is Coming Back,” Matthew 24:36-51 Download mp3  


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