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Advance: Being the Church Advancing the Gospel

This series explores characteristics of the early church in the book of Acts that made them effective in the advancement of the gospel.  Our hope is that these characteristics would be true of us as well, so that we might see the gospel advance powerfully in our generation.

  1. “Spirit-Empowerment,” Acts 1-2 (7.31.11) Download mp3 
  2. “Biblical Community,” Acts 2:42-47 (8.7.11)  Download mp3 
  3. “Bold Proclamation,” Acts 4:1-22 (8.14.11) Download mp3 
  4. “Passionate Prayer,” Acts 4:23-31 (8.21.11) Download mp3 
  5. “Biblical Leadership,” Acts 6:1-7 (8.28.11) Download mp3  
  6. “Sending Out,” Acts 13:1-3 (9.4.11)  Download mp3 
  7. “Spiritual Warfare,” Acts 19:11-20 (9.11.11) Download mp3  
  8. “Faithful to the End,” Acts 28:23-31; 2 Timothy 4:6-8 (9.18.11) Download mp3 

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